Greenmarket Co: Fresh Is In New York City

GrowNYC, the not-for-profit operator of the City’s famed Greenmarket farmers markets, recently expanded their mission to include delivery of local, fresh, and fairly priced produce to a wider audience. Now everyone, from grocery store shoppers in the outer boroughs, to the name-brand chefs in the middle of Manhattan, will have access to farm-fresh produce. This pro-bono project presented a host of challenges: develop a name, tagline, messaging, and design system to appeal to a wide audience, and create an in-store signage system to teach customers that fresh produce is now within reach.

Consumers First

We kicked off the project by hitting the streets, and found that produce was a hard sell in GrowNYC’s target neighborhoods. Consumers were drawn to food that was convenient, affordable, and appeared “fresh”. It was our job to let them know that Greenmarket Co. produce was everything they were looking for, and more. We created the customizable in-store campaign, "Fresh is In NYC," which becomes "Fresh is in Brownsville" or "Fresh is in East Harlem," based on the location. The in-store signage incorporates “bites” of preparation and nutritional information. Paired with an recognizable graphic design system, consumers start to recognize that Greenmarket Co. is the best source of fresh, high quality produce in their ‘hood. 

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Greenmarket Co.

GrowNYC had big ambitions for Greenmarket Co., and consumers were only one audience for this new initiative. Restaurants and grocery stores have to buy before consumers even have the chance, and they want to do business with a trustworthy business. We couldn’t resist: call it Greenmarket Co., and utilize the incredible recognition that the markets already had. The addition of Co. helps to separate the new entity from the markets themselves, and to avoid feeling too corporate, the tagline Mission Driven Food drives home the initiative’s higher purpose. 

Roots and Routes

No matter the audience, we knew the identity had to be an iconic representation of the Greenmarkets. The bold, patchwork logo brings the farm-to-table journey to life, with its suggestion of farmland seen from the air. Seasonal color palettes keep the logo from being all green, all the time, and remind consumers that produce options change with the seasons. And the “grab bag” illustrations of fruits and veggies is as vibrant as what you find while perusing the markets themselves, whether on the in-store signage or on the Greenmarket Co. truck that makes deliveries all around the city. 

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