Milbank: Attracting Gen Y

The Milbank website is the result of a carefully crafted collaboration with creative partners who made us all better than the sum of our parts. For Milbank, we wanted to deliver a game-changing website and recruiting campaign. Sometimes, the execution requires a specialty we don’t have in-house. We don’t shy away from projects of this magnitude; we run with it, partnering with some of the most talented people in other disciplines. For Milbank, Rubenstein Technology Group and Homestead Films helped get us the web development and video production results we wanted.

Finding the Milbank Way

We’re well-versed in digging deep to find a law firm’s unique culture, and the big idea behind how to communicate it. Our first step for Milbank was to interview people from all levels within the organization and find out why they’re excited to come to work every day. We discovered Milbank’s “small big firm” quality was one of the biggest draws. Employees have all the benefits of a big firm—great clients, interesting cases, international presence, travel opportunities, and exemplary partners—but their close-knit, collaborative, and forward-looking culture defies that logic. They're cool, confident, and not elitist. In other words, not your typical top-tier law firm. The challenge was to reflect that culture through every aspect of the website: editorial voice, design, additional features, and recruiting campaign.

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Beyond Talking Heads

To tell the Milbank story, we needed great content, avoiding the “pretty but boring” trap so many professional services websites fall into. Our mission? Create a “video that connects,” an idea that had us re-imagining Milbank’s recruiting strategy and establishing a new kind of content for law firms. The result is a far cry from standard “talking heads” montages. By partnering with Homestead Films, beautiful shooting techniques, creative storytelling, and endearing vignettes craft a story that shows associates’ genuine connections to the firm and bring an emotionally compelling angle to law firm recruiting. We collaborated on editorial direction, casting, art direction and graphics to create the best law firm video we’ve ever seen, if we do say so ourselves.

Nimble & Flexible Tech

Technology is too important for us to be anchored to one development solution for every client. So we choose the partner and technology that is right for the project. For Milbank, the answer was Rubenstein Technology Group. They are technology artists, taking "pixel perfect" seriously. And their team of front and back-end developers works rapidly, adjusting deftly to changes. Their expertise meant we could integrate the website with Google maps, Typekit (no more system fonts here!), Google site search, and create neat JavaScript tricks. It's hard to overstate how important these technology-forward touches are. To attract top tier talent and clients, you can't come off looking like you're behind the times.

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