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The 2018 Enduring Brands Index

You won’t find Apple or Google or Coca-Cola 
anywhere on this list.

At CSA, we believe a brand’s ability to endure change is essential for sustained business growth. Our Enduring Brands Index demonstrates the many forms that “endurance” can take, and identifies specific levers for improvement, across nine industries in which our experience grants us meaningful insight. The result is a different kind of index, focused not on the biggest or the best-known brands, but on those that are best positioned to endure in their industries, and deliver long-term growth for their businesses.

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50 Brands

Brands don’t make this index just by being the biggest. We focus on brands that are best positioned to grow and endure.

9 Industries

We don’t just make broad industry observations. Our expertise allows us to offer meaningful insights to help brands endure.

1 Benchmarking Tool

Use our tool to answer five simple questions to help you benchmark against your industry and improve your brand’s endurance.
Arts & Culture


Financial Services


CSA's Enduring Brands Index is an insightful in-depth examination of what it takes to build and maintain a brand in a rapidly-changing business environment. Being self-aware is not something that most companies think about, and this work demonstrates how vital it is that brands know exactly who they are.

Pamela Thomas-Graham

Board Member - Clorox, Peloton, Norwegian Cruise Line






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