5 Recruiting Issues You're Having Right Now

Artwork by K. Holden Rumph

The competition for talent is intense. 

The best lawyers used to go to the best law firms. The best tech recruits used to go to Microsoft and Google. Now that companies across sectors are competing for the same talent, it’s all changed. And many recruits are also choosing non-traditional paths over conventional ones. I hear over and over again that recruiting is one of the biggest challenges facing companies today.

The good news is that there is a real consistency in those recruiting and employer brand challenges across function, geography, and industry. Here are the 5 recruiting issues you are likely facing today:

1. You are now competing for tech talent.

Car companies are moving from manufacturing-focused to technology-focused. Real estate companies are increasingly looking towards automated technology solutions to drive sales. Established companies all have an increased need for tech talent and very few feel prepared for that competition. Having a clear employee value proposition and targeted campaigns will help with this. 

2. Your employee value proposition is unclear. 

There are only three things that all recruits, at any level, want to know about a job. While I won’t share those here, I can tell you they are consistent and predictable. And none of them are money.

3. The range of job functions at your company differs greatly. 

From legal to finance to marketing technology to in-store associates—this presents a huge challenge for Employer Brand. Which story do you tell? A deep messaging guide, focused on job function, can sort this out. 

4. Your local offices want to tell unique stories. 

Each of your local offices likely has a different mix of job functions, market pressures, and cultural issues. Different stories across geographies and regions don’t necessarily harm your core message. What's important is creating the tools that elevate these voices to bring diversity and authenticity to your overall brand story.

5. In a healthy economy, acquisitions are common and the job market encourages turnover. 

Both of these increase the need for efficient and focused onboarding. Set up internal brand training programs and put some tools in place to measure your employees' understanding of key messages.

When HR, marketing, and agency partners collaborate to address these challenges, the impact can be powerful. The tactics likely include a true and differentiated Employer Brand, a specific Messaging Guide, a compelling Recruiting Campaign, and a relevant Careers Site. The result of this work will be a positive effect on recruiting and retention efforts, measurable by the number of applications received and the number of offers accepted.