My Beautiful Obsession

Dear Friends,
Today is a BIG day for me. On February 5, 2015, I pledged to create a distinct work of art each day for an entire year and chose an apple as my muse. I’ve been sharing this daily on Facebook and Instagram. Today, I posted the final image along with the caption below:

An apple a day. No. 365!!! Mission accomplished! It has been a beautifully exhausting journey, in all the right ways. I learned to love the daily challenge of making art. It was deeply fulfilling. My aim was not to create 365 “masterpieces.” I took it one day at a time and this low pressure pledge added to the fun of experimenting. “No limits, no repetition and no excuses” were my guiding principles and I stuck by them. This experience added a rich rhythm to life, boosted my spirit and sparked a creative passion that had been dim in recent years. I really appreciated the encouragement and support of all of you who have followed along. I needed that! What’s next? One thing I know is that it won’t be apples. I’ve been asked to give a TEDX talk about “An Apple a Day” this spring. I’d love to see it as a book one day and plan to donate most of the work to charity. Stay tuned.

Thank you.