Giving a new U.S. company the tools to break ground

Assurant is a premier insurance provider that specializes in private label property, casualty, health, and life insurance. After divesting from Fortis Financial Group, a global insurance and banking leader at the time, they sought to establish awareness and increased market share in the U.S.

  • Brand Identity

Weaving together their core strengths

We developed a new visual identity and services architecture to help Assurant stand out as a new customer-focused brand. With a unique color palette, the logo features a precisely woven medallion that symbolizes the integration of their three strengths: risk management expertise, administrative systems, and distribution relationships.

Going public with confidence

Armed with a new look and clearly articulated services, Assurant was ready to launch in the U.S. They now had the tools necessary to re-enter the market and emerge a venerable competitive force.

Sharing their story

To secure Assurant’s place in the market, we launched a bold and evocative campaign in The New York Times. Cutting through the complexities of the insurance business, the campaign featured simplified translations of universal scientific principles. The approach engaged audiences and demonstrated Assurant’s new, more customer-centric strategy.