BCG Henderson Institute

Thought leadership for digital natives

The Boston Consulting Group has published compelling thought leadership for over 50 years. They came to CSA looking to bring that tradition to a digitally native audience.


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  • Digital Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Insights Workshop
  • Visual Toolkit
  • Data Visualization
  • Motion & Video
  • Information Architecture
  • Social Media Campaigns

Slowing down to meet a deeper need

Current research will reveal that readers today have trouble triaging the amount of information thrown at them. But the deeper need for readers is a quiet space to reflect. By dramatically reducing the number of publications, and by giving each one lush typographic illustration, we were able to create a space where users can take a moment to be inspired.

End-to-end thought leadership experience

At BCG, thought leadership goes well beyond written articles. Our design system integrated signature events such as TED@BCG with the digital experience, and built a toolset that was designed to evolve, allowing for completely custom modules to take advantage of new web and data technologies as they emerge. Taken together, BCG now has a living and growing system that can keep up with their evolving thought leadership innovation.