Credit Suisse

Turning up the volume on a global brand

Credit Suisse is a global financial services company with over 530 offices in 50 countries. They boast a diverse set of offerings but have a siloed business model and lack centralized brand management. They needed to unify their global voice and energize their brand expression to stand out from competitors and grow their client base around the world.

  • Visual Toolkit
  • Data Visualization
  • Photography Library
  • Motion & Video
  • Brand Principles
  • Brand Training
  • Recruiting Campaigns
  • Branded Communications

A bold look for a bold strategy

Inspired by a new positioning focused on emotional, long-term client relationships, we unified their brand with a vibrant and differentiated system. This energized design dramatically accentuates their attributes of being attentive, intimate, and inventive. It also underscores their One Bank solution, which is driven by the integration of their Private Banking and Investment Banking capabilities.

Ensuring the success of the system

Through a wide variety of projects ranging from poster templates to high-profile, high-net-worth events, we showed the brand in action. We launched The Future at Work, a global recruiting campaign, to demonstrate how typography can be used as image–and to present their fresh new look to recruits. By designing and developing foundational elements like a library of 1,200 photographs and standardized icons and infographics, we delivered not only functional tools for the marketing team to put it into action, but confidence in the brand system.

CSA worked closely with us to refresh the Credit Suisse brand, adding new energy, new quality, and new relevance to our corporate design system. The vibrancy of the system reinforced the bank’s strategy and helped us to stand out in an ever more crowded marketplace.

Ramona Boston, Global Head of Branding & Communications

Credit Suisse

A framework to empower a creative network

The brand refresh has been a launchpad for great creative work. It inspired interior architect Gensler to design smart working spaces that integrate the vibrant color palette and large scale infographics. Interactive agency Huge took cues from our redesign of Credit Suisse’s blog The Financialist, delivering a clean look for the global website. Havas, the global advertising agency, adopted the system for the corporate campaign and local advertising. This consistency proves the true flexibility of this framework and shows how it will amplify the Credit Suisse expression around the world.


During 84 global training workshops in 13 worldwide locations, employees embraced the new refresh as “vibrant, dynamic, and global”


The Future at Work recruiting video garnered a 72% positive response in testing


The Financialist, a daily online newsletter, increased HNW customer engagement by a staggering 54% and social media penetration by 22%