Dale Carnegie

Transforming a transformative company

Dale Carnegie founded the global professional development industry over 100 years ago but had lost luster in a crowded, fractured field of competitors. The company asked CSA to help it launch a global brand system that would be both true to the company’s legacy and relevant in a 21st century, digitally driven marketplace. With the rebrand, the value proposition of this iconic company has been refreshed and given clarity for new audiences.

  • Brand Identity
  • Story & Messaging
  • Visual Toolkit
  • Motion & Video
  • Photography
  • Brand Training
  • Digital Experience
  • Branded Communications

Visualizing the mission

Dale Carnegie’s mission is personal and organizational transformation. The company’s initials, “DC,” are rendered visually into an iconic and universal symbol of transformation. A new brand tagline, “Transformation Starts Here,” sums up the brand promise. Every additional element of the brand system – fonts, color palette, brand pattern, custom photography, and messaging – evoke and mirror the before and after experiential impact of the Dale Carnegie experience.

The new visual identity is going to blow your mind. It's new, it's fresh, it's modern. It shows who we are now. It's more than just a design system. It's a platform for us to shout out who we are. We're not going to look like anybody else. We're going to look like Dale Carnegie.

Michelle Bonterre, Chief Brand Officer

Dale Carnegie Training

Systematizing a global strategy

Dale Carnegie does business in 25 languages and 90 countries through a network of local-market franchises. CSA’s “flexibility-within-a-framework” brand system for the company delivers both a global impact for a “one firm” go-to-market strategy and local relevance to meet franchisee priorities. Ninety percent of Dale Carnegie franchisees adopted the new brand in the first three months after launch.

Training the world’s best trainers

CSA understood that successful adoption would rest upon training franchisees how to activate the new brand system. CSA built and conducted brand training workshops at the time of launch and developed a suite of ongoing brand-support tools – from a responsive microsite to a brand-launch social feed to foster shared experiences to a centralized help desk.