Grupo Brisas

Unifying a collection of unique destinations

Grupo Brisas is a family-owned collection of one-of-a-kind resort hotel experiences across Mexico. Known for their famous hotel, Las Brisas Acapulco, the group needed an identity that also celebrated the distinct beauty of each boutique hotel, and the value offered by their business-oriented urban properties. To build brand equity and distinction across the portoflio, the group needed a parent company name, acrhictecture and visual system that could both elevate the individual properties and unify the collection. Grupo Brisas is a name and identity to elevate the entire portfolio.



  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Photography Systems
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Brand Architecture

An intuitive brand architecture

CSA worked closely with Grupo Brisas to create a brand platform and architecture that made their offering understandable and intuitive for their audiences. The porfolio was organized into three differentiated tiers: ultra luxury, urban centered and locally-connected. This structure enables audiences to quickly and confidently find the property that meets their expectations and delivers their desired experience.

Putting people first

Through strategic discovery and insights, CSA amplified the authentic Mexican experience at every Grupo Brisas property. Grupo Brisas is completely Mexican owned, operated and staffed, which is not only distinctive in the category, it uniquely responds to savvy travellers’ desire for authentic experiences where they can dive into local culture. The Grupo Brisas story is defined through their people. Brand photography puts both guests and employees front and center, which brings to life the individuality and warmth found across destinations.

Authentic visual expression

A visual identity toolkit was developed that works seamlessly across brands offering both connection and distinction. Welcoming, warm and connected to Mexican storytelling, the systems reflects the brand positioning of Authentic and Vibrant Mexican Hospitality.

Connecting through digital experience

A clear and easy-to-navigate digital experience was created to enable visitors to choose the property that best responds to their needs. The architecture and design creates a unified portal for the portfolio while allowing each property’s unique personality and voice to shine through on their individual sites.