Hopper House

From community curiosity to venerable institution

Overlooking the Hudson River, the Edward Hopper House illuminates the story of an artist who captured the paradox of the American experience. Built by Hopper’s maternal grandfather in 1858, the house has evolved into a venerable museum and study center. The organization wanted a brand that inspires local and international audiences as both a resource and an engaging space for the public and scholars.

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual System
  • Launch Exhibition

Deep partnership

Through a close and collaborative process with the Edward Hopper House staff and board of directors, CSA created a brand strategy and visual toolkit that telegraphs the organization's core values of being intimate, bold, and illuminating. The new brand elevates the legacy of Edward Hopper and puts the organization on a course to fulfill its expanded mission.

Telegraphing Hopper

The logo was inspired by the time, work, and life of Edward Hopper. A strategic choice was made to include “Museum & Study Center” in the lockup of the logo to build awareness of the Edward Hopper House’s new direction. Additionally, the identity was designed with the flexibility to accommodate different messages to highlight organizational initiatives. Like the identity, the color palette was chosen to activate and create a strong connection to Hopper’s work. Pulled from five iconic Hopper paintings: Nighthawks, Room in Brooklyn, Automat, Chop Suey, and Morning Sun, the warm and engaging colors serve a dual purpose of standing out and drawing viewers in.

Launching from the garden

More than 150 invited guests gathered in the Museum & Study Center’s newly renovated garden to celebrate Victoria Hertz, a passionate advocate for Edward Hopper House; Ken Carbone, CSA founding partner; and our agency. The occasion served as the official launch of the new brand that invites all, near and far, to explore, understand, and connect with the life, work, and home of Edward Hopper.

The team at CSA took the time and thought to really understand this organization, our goals, our audience and Hopper himself. The new identity is a genuine reflection of our renewed mission. CSA captured this visually and helped us define our narrative, a story that is ideal as we continue to pursue this clear and concise road map.

Jennifer Patton, Executive Director

Hopper House Museum & Study Center