Jersey Strong

The power of the tribe

Work Out World transcended their own stellar reputation as a great local gym, building fans as it built out 11 locations. CSA helped them turn their membership base into a tribe by turning their credo into a name, and the brand into a rallying cry. JERSEY STRONG is a shout out to the community feeling that locals express.



  • Brand Identity
  • Environmental
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Naming & Nomenclature
  • Photography Systems

A bold, powerful message

The message is baked into the name and mark. Bold and balanced, the new identity serves as both beacon and badge. It marks territory through expressive environmental design and building signage with statements that, in essence, say, “We know who we are and we know where we are from—Jersey.”

The language of the tribe

We talked to the members of the tribe and they told us about the values they share: “Local and Proud of It” and “Strength.” It’s easy to recognize the Jersey attitude in what they say, so we turned that into a messaging campaign that animates the brand. The gyms serve as centers of community where people work out together, building connections along with health, so interior treatments are where the messages get reinforced and the brand gets celebrated. The system is unmistakably Jersey Strong.

I can't tell you how excited by and grateful for the guidance, brand story and, ultimately, all the work CSA produced for JERSEY STRONG. This was a very interesting and fulfilling process and we are super excited to execute.

Stehen S. Roma, Jr., CEO and Owner

Jersey Strong