Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

A visitor experience for the ages

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is home to nearly 35 million objects, spanning 4.5 billion years. Looking to attract broader attention and increase donations, they needed a powerful environmental experience that could reveal the rich story of their collection.

  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Environmental & Exhibit
  • Visual Toolkit
  • Information Architecture

Creating environmental harmony

Since opening in 1913, the institution expanded to nearby buildings to accommodate the growing collection. Architecturally, it was disparate with each building having its own unique character. The signage and wayfinding program created visual markers for exploring visitors, enabling them to feel the connection between the institution and the collection.

Guiding the visitor’s eye

By strategically placing signature images along the visitor flow, we were able to focus people’s attention on the displays and installations and away from areas under construction. This allowed the museum to maintain a consistent branded experience during a time of renovation and growth.

Immersing visitors in the experience

With dynamic learning content, the system invites visitors to engage with the museum’s priceless treasures, bringing a level of interaction and energy that begs audiences of all ages to dig deeper and discover more with every visit.