Developing a taste for luxury retail

The Taubman Company is a 60-year-old retail developer that had evolved from a mall construction company to the creator of extraordinary retail environments. When the second generation of ownership rose to power, they identified that the brand needed an update to reflect their elevated aesthetic, so Taubman could connect with their high-fashion customers and increase their market relevance.

  • Brand Identity
  • Branded Communications
  • Visual Toolkit
  • User Experience
  • App Design
  • Brand Campaigns

Signaling a new era

A refreshed visual identity relaunched Taubman by demonstrating a future-focused commitment to style and taste. It gave the second generation of owners a bold, bright platform from which to tell the company’s story, one with a brave new color and an unstoppable spirit.

Speaking the customer’s language

Because their tenants are the who’s who of the fashion world, Taubman needed to communicate a sophisticated sense of style–one that speaks convincingly about Taubman’s expertise in bringing high-end retail brands to market with uncommon savvy and unforgettable flair.

Inspiring the imagination

With interactive sales tools, Taubman was able to share site specifications, master planning scenarios, and success stories with potential tenants. More than an app, this digital storytelling platform gives sales teams the ability to inspire clients to see how their brand can exceed expectations through a Taubman partnership.

Making the brand tangible

By creating a suite of branded products, we gave Taubman customers and employees a way to share their pride and affinity for the brand. These premium items allow Taubman to extend their presence beyond signage and sales meetings, putting the Taubman brand in the hands of a wider consumer audience.